Fics by Title: K

Keep This Secret by Kristen Fife 10 k 2005-08-30
This is a NN songfic based on the song "Secret" by Heart.

Kinda I want to by Cousin Mary 3 k 2001-05-22
Tracy has a request.

Knight Before Christmas by Nancy Warlocke 19 k 2001-09-19

Knight Blade by Cheryl Pillsbury 117 k 2006-02-20
Nick's old friend, Micchael, returns to town and becomes involved in a FBI ring and must fight with a sword.

A (K)night of Christmas Cheer by Patty Costantino 92 k 2004-09-01
The Christmas season is getting geared up, as the Schankes have their annual Christmas party. But unsettling appearances anger Nick, prompting him to move in a different direction with Natalie in regards to their friendship. In production order, this story takes place between Crazy Love/ Partners of the Month and Be My Valentine. Contains: Nick in Santa suit, Natalie in provocative Santa outfit, live reindeer, candy cane used in unusual manner, mistletoe and hot chocolate in same scene.

Knight of the Gunn by Andrew C. 108 k 2001-10-10
Nick meets an old mortal friend again, and goes after a sick, sick vampire.

Xover: Peter Gunn

Knight of the Undead by Lorelei Sieja 445 k 2001-06-25
#3 in the Voyager series- LaCroix insists Nicholas protect himself from the code, and remove a few memories from his mortal friends. An alien race wonders if Nick's special healing abilities might be the cure they need.

Xover: Star Trek Voyager

A Knight of Woes with Judge Trudy by Patty Costantino 13 k 2001-06-24
A court session two weeks after Last Knight.

Xover: Judge Trudy



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