Question: What would the FK characters' signature lines be?


Natalie  LaCroix  Vachon  Schanke  Janette  Nick  Tracy

*If you have an answer for the question, and I'll try to get it on here!


Bullet Of course I have time to add a sig, my customers aren't going anywhere.


Bullet You foolish child! What are you doing with a cow inside the house!?! ~Jack's Mother, "Into the Woods"

Bullet...There is nothing to compare
  To the way that you feel,
  When you're talking to your meal.
      ~The Wolf, "Into the Woods"

Bullet I'm only wearing black until they come up with something darker.

Bullet Love, loyalty -- nothing is free.

Bullet A signature says as much about the one who reads it as he who adds it... don't you agree?


Bullet A bike, the open road, and a full moon - now that's unlife!


Bullet Man, oh, man, would'ja lookit this sig...


Bullet Good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere.
Bullet Well behaved women seldom make history.
Bullet La plupart des signatures sont ainsi banal, ne pensez-vous pas?
Bullet Si vous allez ajouter une signature, additionnez au moins un avec  un certain modèle.


Bullet Please accept my apologies if this signature causes you any trouble...


Bullet Still insubordinate after all these years.

*If you have an answer for the question, and I'll try to get it on here!

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