FK Embroidery Designs

These are designs I created for the FK fandom. They can be machine-embroidered on most anything from sheer fabric to biker leather (though it is rather difficult for the leather). If anyone's interested in ordering a design on something (clothing, towels, duffel/tote bags) please contact me. I'm always trying to think up more designs, so if you think of any give me a yell!

NOTE: These designs photos were made using the simulator function on the design creator. The lines, or 'cobwebs', you see on some designs are just where the needle would pick up to move to a new location and drags the thread along. They are clipped for the finished product. Also, you might see white spots or lines on some designs in the solid areas, that's ok, they sew out solid; it's just the software's way of saving work on the preview by not showing all the stitches in a mass.

** We are a licensed business, registered in TN.

Hand towels: $8 US, US shipping included
Towel sets: $30 (bath, hand, washcloth), US shipping incl.
Shirts: depends, email me
Anything else: ditto

Email me for shipping info for outside the US!

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Forever Knight designs (W" x H"):

2.57 x 2.57" Color is changeable.

2.61 x 2.59" Color is changeable.

3.75 x 3.46" (others shown are same size)

2.82 x 1.98" (both are same size, just different zoom)

FK Factions designs (W" x H"):

2.25 x 3.50"

2.97 x 3.45"

2.97 x 4.27"

1.99 x 2.50"

3.77 x 4.30"

3.75 x 3.53"

2.75 x 2.35" (Raven avail.)

3.27 x 2.15"

2.45 x 3.90" (Vaquero avail.)


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