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Lacroix's Boon by Rachel 34 k 2003-10-25
#2 in Professor series. Lacroix goes for a walk and gets run over by fate, a very unexpected old aquintence, and a car.

Xover: Highlander, in concept only.

Nick, Vampire the... by Rachel 62 k 2001-05-22
#3 in Professor series. Nick battles prejudice and makes new friends on his way to reunite with Natalie. Part of the "Professor" universe that began in the story, The Professor, but can stand without it.

Xover: Star Trek

The Professor by Rachel 86 k 2003-10-25
#1 in Professor series. Nick and Nat settle into a new life after Last Knight, meet a few old friends, and save fan fiction.

Please, Just One Thing... by Kat Ratzenberger 10 k 2005-09-21
Nick's having a really bad night...

Letters by Lois Ritson 66 k 2001-05-17
Nat head dues south after the comet scare, leaving Toronto and a determined Nick far behind... or did she?

Menat by Lois Ritson 59 k 2001-05-17
Ray Vecchio comes to Toronto for a convention and to see Benny. He meets Nat, who was apparently abandoned by Nick, and sparks fly. But did Nick leave for good?

Xover: Due South

LaCroix's Requiem by Monica Rodriguez 8 k 2001-10-10

Discovery by Barb and Pat Roman 136 k 2003-10-25
#2 in the Serious Doubts series.

Serious Doubts by Barb and Pat Roman 208 k 2002-10-15
This is the first in a series that provides an alternate ending for Close Call. In this universe, the third season is radically changed as well.

Coming of Age by Saoirse Ní Ruairc 26 k 2005-10-22
A follow up to A New Eternity. Natalie discovers what it means to be a cailleach and Nick finds out about Natalie's new nature. A little rather mild violence.

A New Eternity by Saoirse Ní Ruairc 98 k 2005-04-16
After Natalie survives the events of Last Knight, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and finally finds the future that she truly desires. PG-13



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